The Isle of Life Edit

The following world lore quote was created by Sean McCann.

"Together using their combined power they formed the earth and realised their greatest creation: life. For millennia the Gods reigned over the world, bringing chaos and order and being worshipped by the beings that lived there. Eventually, Grintur retired from the world to his home realm. No human knows why."

The following lore was created by Safya Devautour.

The Isle of Life is set in the world where Gods and humans used to live next to each other, making magic something usual, but not that common amongst mortals. People believe in prophecy and the inevitability of fate, so their day-to-day life is rhythmed by offerings to Gods and religious celebrations.

Culture Edit

The following lore was developed by Safya Devautour.

The tribes of the Isle of Life’s world are mostly living off trading. Indeed, the continent is strategically placed at a crossroad between different regional trading routes. Items being trades are mostly metal weapons and ornaments, potteries and saffron. Indeed, agriculture and fishing have never been sustainable enough for business, since crops yields are too closely linked to Goddesses' whims.

World Art Edit

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