User Interface Design Edit

The font used in the user interface is AMATIC-BOLD.

Perspective Edit

This game will be a single player, third person game played on PC.

Menu Concepts Edit

In game user interface will be kept quite minimalistic, with only the player compass at the bottom left hand of the screen. The following image was made by Andrew McGonigal using the compass and character sheet made by Pearse McKenna. The pause menu so far is just designed as a slightly darkened screen with a menu laid over the top.

Main MenuEdit

The main menu will see the player character on their raft looking out towards the island. 

The main menu features three buttons:

Play: Press this button to play the game. Once pressed the camera will pan out and fade to black, a second later the player will begin the game.

How to Play: A quick overview of game controls with featured gifs.

Quit: Quit and close the game.

Pause Menu Edit

The in-game pause menu will pause the game and will the player to continue or quit the game.

User Interface Layout and Art Edit

Gameplay UI idea

Design developed by Andrew McGonigal using character design from Pearse McKenna

Main Menu idea

Developed by Andrew McGonigal using Amy McDaid's work as the background.

Pause Menu

Designed by Andrew McGonigal using the character design by Pearse McKenna


Unfinished in game main menu based of Dan's main menu concept.

Main Menu

Main Menu concept created by Dan.


Main Menu concept created by Dan.


Placeholder pause menu created by Blake

Image (2)

Pause Menu designed by Dan.

Image (3)

How to play layout created by Dan

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