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The Temple of Life is designed around a Greco-Roman temples. The dome shaped roof it topped with a star similar in design to the player character's compass. The dome is held up by four Greco-Roman pillars and a wall at the back of the temple holds another star, the same as the one on the roof, this star is also present on the floor. From left to right, the statues in the centre of the temple are; the Goddess Hydeya, the God Rapeht and the God Grintur.

The walls at the back of the temple also contains the mural that tells the prophecy told by the Gods.


The location of the gateway to the realm of the Gods. This is where the end game will take place and the story of the world will be told to you by the statues resembling the three aspects of life.

The following was written by Safya Devatour.

The temple of life is the God’s residence. Hydeya, Rapeht and Grintur can choose to communicate with humans via their statues.  

Pilgrims come to the temple to pray and beseech them for support. For example, the only way to obtain a good harvest is to solicit Grintur. Another example, Hydeya can help a merchant to sail safely. 

The legend says that, in the back of the temple, behind a secret door, is placed a stairway leading to the realms of the Gods. But no human foot can touch the stairway, made of light: the vulgar piece of flesh would simply just pass through it. Only one who proved their worth to the Creators may be allowed to ascend. Most priests and other spiritual person boast about having the privilege of meeting the deities in their true material forms. 

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