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In The Beginning[]

The following text was created by Sean McCann.

For many years the humans lived peacefully, prospering and growing.

Soon though, humans would start to split between each other for any reason, any difference, this was the beginning of war.

Seeing this over the centuries, Grintur grew weary of humans’ pettiness and blood being spilled, desecrating the earth he forged them.

Grintur decided to abandon the world he had helped create, seeing no hope for them.

Rapeht and Hydeya, taking pity, agreed a plan together in a bid to restore life to their world.

Grintur's Departure[]

The following text was created by Safya Devautour.

The tribe chiefs of the Isle of life decided that agricultural lands should be equally divided between each family, no matter their wealth or hereditary rights. One of the biggest family got really upset, as well as most upper classes citizens. One of the tribe chiefs got murdered. Many conflicts broke out, people were fighting and sabotaging each other to keep their lands or acquire more lands.

Too busy fighting, no one asked Grintur his opinion on the subject, even though he was the one who granted humans crops, fertility, life. Offerings became scarcer and scarcer, rare were the people still praying to him. Outraged and exhausted by human folly, he decided to leave and deprive humans of everything he offered them before.

Grintur’s departure provoked the continent to slowly sink into the oceans and the main river to overflow supernaturally, separating what was once a continent into dozens of small islands. People started to slowly perish as they could not farm the land anymore: every time they tried to grow crops it failed. Moreover, Grintur’s departure made it impossible to pray to her. Rapeht, magnanimous and full of pity for the human species, showed an island that was slightly less affected by Grintur’s curse, to a tribe that managed to stay away from the conflict. The Goddess of Sun also promised that one day, a kid would manage to bring back Grintur and thus bring back lands and life. Then, Hydeya, Goddess of Water, blessed the whole tribe with great fishing skills, allowing humans to strive and wait for generations the chosen one.

The Three Gods[]

 The lore of the three Gods has been developed by Sean McCann.

The God of Water []

The God of Water, Hydeya, gave the world its seas, its rain and its storms. She is unpredictable yet steadfast; she takes and gives as she pleases.

"Hydeya took it upon herself to protect and help train the chosen few, bending the seas to her will to defend them and aid in navigation training."

The God of the Sun []

The Goddess of the Sun, Rapeht, gave the world its light, its time, its energy and its death. Rapeht is just, giving everything its chance and its time to end.

"Rapeht, using their knowledge of the future, granted the prophecy to the humans that would set them on their path."

"One who is pure of heart will find the way to the gods and return the missing piece."

The God of Earth []

The God of the Earth, Grintur, gave the world its land, its foundations and its durability. He is stubborn, proud and has a long memory.

The Statues and Demo End Game[]

The end game of Exoria will feature a cutscene in which the player character will converse with Rapeht, the Sun God, who will tell the player about the disappearance of Grintur, the Earth God and that the player character is the “foretold one.” Rapeht will tell the player of how the companion will help them along their journey and will set them on their way. 

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The Statues Art Design[]

The following art was developed by Laura Smith unless captioned otherwise.

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