Aggressive Sphere Wiki

Game Mechanics[]


The jump mechanic allows the player to reach places that are too high for the player to reach by just normally walking up it. The jump mechanic is also required for the person to complete the platforming puzzle in “The Resting Place” area.

Picking Up Objects and Item Placement[]

Some objects throughout the game can be picked up by the player, the player will know that they are able to pick up that object, as when the player is in close proximity to said object an on screen prompt will appear telling them to “Press E.” Once the player has picked up that object they can move around it with it and can drop it by pressing E again. 

Pushing Objects[]

Similar to picking up objects, the player can also push and pull larger objects. It works in the exact same way as picking up items. 

Pressure Pad and Light Beam Manipulation[]

The other puzzle found in the resting place sees the player stepping on pressure pads in order to change the direction of the light beam. The light beam needs to line up in the correct order.

Subtitles and Audio[]

Exoria will not feature any recognisable spoken language. Instead, a series of sounds will be played instead and subtitles will appear on screen.

Collectable Masks[]

The player can find and collect masks throughout the level, in the full version of the game, the player can wear the that they have managed to collect.

Companion Idle Animation[]

The companion will feature an idle animation that the will trigger when after set amount of time of inactivity. This will see the companion get angrier as the he bounces around the place and bash things.