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The Masks[]

The masks are the only collectable objects in the game. Lore wise, they are an echo, memories, of the kids that went on the island before the chosen one - the player character. Those kids did not manage to accomplish the mission. The collectables represent their failure and why it happened while giving some insight about the world lore, to the player. When the player character is interacting with an item, they can flip it around, and the text linked to this specific mask is displayed on the screen.

Sick Mask[]

“Sailing was horrendous. Water is a curse. I wish I were born before the big flood.”

Sick mask 720.png

Angry But Part Erased Mask[]

“All those years of training to be stuck at the gate. Only because this tiny brute, this annoying little... This... ARGHH... is ignoring me.”

Angry erased mask.png

Sad Mask[]

“Am I supposed to do all of this on my own? Why didn’t they send someone with me? I don’t like being alone. I told them.”

Sad mask.jpg

Happy mask[]

“I come from a lineage blessed by Hydeya and Rapeht. I come from the only tribe that refused to take part in this unholy war. And that’s why I will save us all.”

Happy mask.png

Etaron's old mask[]

“Well, ok, Grintur. I guess I deserved it. Flying is fun, anyway. But if you could not treat me like your slave, it’d be nice. Otherwise, I’m going to lose it, soon...”

Eraton mask 720.png

Avid Mask[]

"Wow! What a shiny fruit, so appetizing. Back home, people said not to eat anything that grows in the ground. ‘It’s blasted, Lychnos, stay away.’ It’s lucky, they sent me alone.”

Avid mask.png

Serious Mask[]

“Would I meet a God? My tutor told me that old tribes used to coexist with them. But no sign of deity since we left this Isle...”

Religious mask.png

Modelled Masks[]

Developed by Amy McDaid

Developed by Amy McDaid

Developed by Amy McDaid

Developed by Amy McDaid

Developed by Laura Smith

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