Character Design

The character appears to be childlike, standing only around 1.5 metres tall. Their clothes will drape over their arms and their backpack will be disproportionally big compared to the character, to invoke their child like features. The player character will be quiet, laid back and quite mysterious as the player will not have much information about them. The character will also feature a companion, which will have all the personality - hyperactive, mischievous and destructive. The companion will also act as a radar when the player comes close to something interesting.

Character Lore

All the lore in this subsection was developed by Sean McCann.

The unnamed main character is a child hailing from a tribe across the sea. The child is the more patient of the two visitors. While the companion wants to hurry up and get moving, the child is happy to sit still in order to figure out solutions. Feels a strong sense of responsibility towards completing their destiny but also means they are quite unplayful with their newfound friend.

Character Art

All the character art has been developed by Pearse McKenna unless captioned otherwise.

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Main Menu concept created by Dan.
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