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An archipelago of mystery and adventure, inspire a God to return and show them your worth. Unlock the secrets of the world with your angry companion and discover the truth of the world's lost tribes.

Game Title: Exoria[]

The following was written by Safya Devautour.

“Exoria” is the Greek word for “exile”.

“noun: exile

1: the condition of someone being sent or kept away from their own country, village, etc., especially for political reasons

2: a person who is sent or kept away from their own country, etc.”

The player character is sent away from their native village because they are designated as chosen one. The one able to bring back the land, bring back the soil fertility, bring back the life and joy. Moreover, bringing back the land is bringing back Grintur, Grintur that exiled themselves from the human world, out of disappointment. The game title was chosen for its sonority and the meaning behind it. Exoria, to some extent, sounds like Euphoria.

“noun: euphoria

1. a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.”

The game is about an individual exile for global happiness. It’s the player character reaching the exiled God, to save the world, and bring back human’s happiness.

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